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    Your team list can be automatically updated
    Automatic Text Replies
    Schedule Texts
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    • Highly versatile application for schedule future texts
    • Automatically set to user timezone
    • Schedule to a specific time
    • Listing of all scheduled texts

    1/1 text chat
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    • Complete audit trail of historical chats
    • Email admin notifications for incoming employee texts
    • Easily search by name
    • Export text chats

    Send pictures
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    • Easily attach a JPEG or MMS
    • Create a Template for recurring Texts
    • Template automatically populates the text box

    Tracking of every text send
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    • Set up custom Auto Attendants
    • Enable replies to a broadcast text
    • Capture replies in a log file
    • Full dashboard accounting for name of sender and content of text

    Send Broadcast Texts By All, Location, Department

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    Hear from our Customers

    Anthony Belef

    Senior Director, Omni Resorts

    ActionTrac’s employee messaging solution met and exceeded all expectations. The majority of our employees are mobile phone based and the ability to send out updates and important business alerts are very important.  The implementation was very smooth and the solution met all of our needs.

    Carol McHugh

    Director Operations, Champalimaud

    We have used ActionTrac for several applications and their responsiveness is second to none compared to other vendors we have used.   We could not be happier with the solution and highly recommend ActionTrac.

    Thomas Acuna

    Director, NV5

    We are a large diversified consulting company and as such messaging is used for sending out important alerts and reminders. The ActionTrac solution is dependable and intuitive to use. The implementation was smooth and we have been extremely satisfied.

    About ActionTrac

    ActionTrac is a leading cloud based software company that focuses on helping firms increase employee engagement. The firm was started in
    2016 and now has 100s of customers across and North America and Europe. US Headquarters is San Diego and East coast is Lancaster PA.

    ActionTrac cloud solutions range from Employee Recognition and Employee Text Messaging to Employee Surveys.